Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse 1.6

Welcome to the land of horror, the land of the undead
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Welcome to the land of horror. The land of the undead...
You are Knight Richard who live in the land Serena.
The people are peaceful and live toghether in harmony.
Ruled by a beautiful princess. But there is a thing they worry about...the myth of the Forgotten Castle of Terror.
Its only a myth they said,because they never seen it.
But one day the princess mysterious disappeard. Nobody knew where she was.Then one day Knigh Richard got a letter from a king in the north,King Nortanir.
The letter said:
"I know where the princess is,she is in the Forgotten Castle of Terror.Yes it exist. Trust me.Go to the north east through the banished forest,and follow the caves,seek the mountain for a secret passage, then you almost there...
Be careful for the hell creatures...Please find her...or we all soon doomed"

Simple history,but the quest is not far so simple...!

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